Let’s Talk Building — And Architecture.

A bridge connects architectural thinking and construction thinking, and we meet designers at this bridge to “speak architecture,” meld minds and follow-through on concepts using an eclectic set of techniques. This holistic thinking defines Drömhus, and comes from our varied backgrounds in art, design, real estate and architecture.

Let’s Add Value, Not Cost.

Using rare finishes won’t put our project over budget because we know where to get that vintage Italian plumbing fixture at a discount. That’s the kind of cost-cutting you’re able to do when you have over 40 cumulative years permitting, designing and constructing bespoke buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area. You’re going to spend your money well with us.

Let’s Take this Up a Notch.

When you collaborate with us, you work with our top management. This means your every point of contact is with someone who’s not only deeply invested in our shared success, but has the experience and authority to act with consideration for the big picture. From on-site staff and project management to billing and administration, you’ve got our best. With a staff of 20, Drömhus is small and nimble, and proudly stacked with leaders.


Drömhus has been reading minds, working miracles, and otherwise building fine homes in the San Francisco Bay Area and Wine Country since 2009.  Our team comes from eclectic backgrounds ranging from art and architecture to real estate and engineering.  This broad array of influences allows us to deeply understand the intention of a home’s designer and make every home a dream home, or “drömhus” in Swedish.  Our work with architects such as Jensen Architecture, John Maniscalco Architecture, Dumican Mosey Architects, and many others, has been recognized by Architectural Record, AIASF, Wallpaper, and countless other organizations.